Global Weeks 2021

Navitas's annual event GLOBAL WEEKS is around the corner! democracy and sustainability are our main messages to deliver to you throughout week 46 and 47!

Are you interested in learning more about:

⭐️How democracy, covid-19 and climate change affect each other

⭐️How democracy affects forest preservation and food waste

⭐️How plastic documentary films cover angles of recycling, health and misleading information of the industry

⭐️How democracy and the climate crisis are intertwined

Explore your answers by joining us on GLOBAL WEEKS 2021! We have prepared a panel discussion as an inspiring warm up opening. You will find different themed workshops, informative lunch lectures and more exciting activities waiting for you! The majority of the events will take place on Campus Valla at Linköping University, so make sure to sign up!

Global Weeks 2021 is a program in collaboration with Global Linköping taking place week 47. Take part in the entire program at:

Find out more on our Facebook page

The program

Here is the program for Global Weeks 2021, find out more about the events and how to attend on our Facebook page

Contact Us

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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