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We are the largest student association that focuses on Sustainable Development at Linköping University, with 1000+ members.

Our Purpose

We gather sustainability passionate students to inspire eachother, other students and organizations.


As a member you have the benefit of joining all our events. Our membership is free for all students whom study at Linköping University.

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The Board 22/23

President Martin Stenström

Vice President Frida Johansson

Treasurer Theodor Wickberg

Business Committee Niclas Appeltofft

Event Committee Malin Jernberg Lindegren

Marketing Committee Johanna Slunga

Network Committee Isak Andersson

LiU Student Secondhand Lisa Goldschmidtböing


Business, Marketing & LiU Student Secondhand

Travel, Network & Event

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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