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Navitas Student Association is a non-profit student organization founded in 2010. Navitas aims to create a social forum for those who are curious and interested in sustainability. Navitas goal is that all our members will have the opportunity to learn more about sustainability in a warm, fun and social environment. Members should get a natural sustainable mindset that spreads to the individual, business and society.


Business contact

A large part of Navitas’ work is about creating a bridge between students and the business community, collaborating with companies and organizations. By arranging events with you as a company, we give our members contact with and insight into the sustainable business world, which is extremely valuable. You as a company get the chance to showcase your business and the way you work with sustainability, as well as attract interest from students who in the near future could be a potential employee at your company. In addition, you strengthen your reputation and your brand in general at the university.

Business events

Lunch lectures: The most common and visited events we organize are lunch lectures. During 45 minutes, your representative/s inform about your company sustainability work. Our members get a deeper insight into your business and a chance to ask questions.

Evening events: Another common collaboration are evening events. We organize workshops, case evenings and mingles. Here Navitas’ members and you as a company get the chance to get to know each other a little better, solve problems together and exchange ideas.

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Student contact

If you as a student or student association have questions do not hesitate to contact us!


Alumni contact

Do you want to continue contributing to Navitas student association as an alumnus, inspiring our members about a future in sustainability? Contact with the world outside the university is valuable to us.


Ongoing business partnerships:

Tekniska verken

Navitas is proud to have Tekniska verken as our main partner. Between the Navitas association and Tekniska verken there is an active collaboration with 4 events per year.


We are very proud to present that Ebbepark as one of our partners, a collaboration where we hold developing and rewarding events for both businesses and students.

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Sponsors & Partnership

Navitas's operations are carried out in collaboration with Sankt Kors and Tekniska Verken.

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