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NAVITAS Active members 20/21

Navitas takes great pride in our aktive members. With many fun activites and events we build a strong community and sense of selfe for our aktive members. Being a active member in Navitas is a great learning and social exprience and add-on to your resume.


Filip Sehlin

Contact: ordforande@navitas.se

Vice president

Ida Ydremo

Contact: viceordforande@navitas.se


Oliwer Schultz

Contact: kassor@navitas.se

LiU Student Secondhand committee

We want to contribute to circularity among students' furniture consumption. In 2019, we launched and opened the secondhand shop, located in the A-building on Campus Valla. Visit our website for more information!

Back row from left: Adithya Ashok Nair, Tanvir Ahmed, Isabelle Granberg, Anna Björklund, Björn Bergfeldt, Sandra Kolehmainen. Front row: Ra'eesah Hendricks, Moa Berglund, Ellen Mårdsjö, Farnaz Sourani Yancheshmeh (Absent: Nora Bastida Agote, Frida Brude, Giacomo Carraro)

Chairman: Anna Björklund

Contact: lssh@navitas.se

The Marketing Committee

We work with Navitas visibility outwards. We have a major impact on how Navitas is perceived and therefore it is great if you are creative! The work includes the design of posters, headers, photography and much more.

From left to right: Julien Jonasson, Elin Ruthström, Clara Krans, Sophia Fritzdorf Schultze, Sebastian Lyckholm (Absent: Evelina Silfverskiöld)

Chairman: Sophia Fritzdoft Schultze

Contact: mafu@navitas.se

The Travel Committee

Our job is to plan and arrange inspiring, exciting and sustainable travels and excursions for Navitas members. The work involves a lot of planning in both large and small projects and contact with companies, organizations and individuals, both nationally and abroad!

From left to right: Sara Wallin, Mattias Reijm, Elvira Silver, Vilma Håkansson, Sara Kristoffersson, Johannes Fagerberg, Jessica Pengel, Vendela Stenholm

Chairman: Vendela Stenholm

Contact: rese@navitas.se

The Business Committee

We aim to create a bridge between students and the business community. We want to make it easier for students to discover companies that has a focus on sustainability. The committee’s work is about maintaining and finding new partnerships. Together with companies the business committee organizes lunch lectures, evening events and field trips.

From left to right: Fredrik Heino, Sara Kling, Sofi Bornlid, Emma Hainsworth, Rebecka Nordberg, Eric Schadewitz

Chairman: Emma Hainsworth

Contact: naringsliv@navitas.se

The Network Committee

Our job is about establishing contacts and organizing events with interesting actors outside of Navitas. Including closer collaboration with the private and public sectors, as well as other student associations in the Linköping area.

From left to right: Yash Premchandani, Mara Röhrig, Clara Tollin, Mollie Sager, Linnéa Forss, Jia Wang, Mukessh Vasudevan Sulochana (Absent: Ambra Giulianelli, Ida Hubertsson)

Chairman: Clara Tollin

Contact: natverk@navitas.se

The Event Committee

Our job is to entertain both Navitas’ members and members of the committees. We want to show that sustainability is fun! We scout, plan and execute events for all students. The work of the committee needs creativity, teamwork and provides getting experience of the multitasking it takes to create events.

From left to right: Emma Svensson, Emma Byggeth, Mari Sundberg Alice Venndahl, Lisa Engberg (Absent: Ellen Kronberg)

Chairman: Emma Byggeth

Contact: event@navitas.se

Want to be a part of our team?

In March we recruit for our board members.

In May and September we recruit for our committees.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to notice our recruitment periods.

The Board

The Board

President Filip Sehlin

Vice President Ida Ydremo

Treasurer Oliwer Schultz

Head of Business Emma Hainsworth

Head of Event Committee Emma Byggeth

Head of Marketing Committee Sophia Fritzdorf Schultze

Head of Network Committee Clara Tollin

Head of LiU Student Secondhand Anna Björklund

Head of Travel Committee Vendela Stenholm

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