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Some of our current events:

Global Weeks 2021

Winter is coming and so are Global Weeks!

Navitas's annual event GLOBAL WEEKS is around the corner! democracy and sustainability are our main messages to deliver to you throughout week 46 and 47!

Are you interested in learning more about:

⭐️How democracy, covid-19 and climate change affect each other

⭐️How democracy affects forest preservation and food waste

⭐️How plastic documentary films cover angles of recycling, health and misleading information of the industry

⭐️How democracy and the climate crisis are intertwined

Explore your answers by joining us on GLOBAL WEEKS 2021! We have prepared a panel discussion as an inspiring warm up opening. You will find different themed workshops, informative lunch lectures and more exciting activities waiting for you! The majority of the events will take place on Campus Valla at Linköping University, so make sure to sign up!

Global Weeks 2021 is a program in collaboration with Global Linköping taking place week 47. Take part in the entire program at:

Join Navitas to Norrköping!

We start the day off at Linköping Resecentrum at 9:30 and take the train together to Norrköping. In Norrköping we go thrift shopping around the city and eat a nice vegan lunch together at Skrymslet under trappan. In the evening you are also welcome to join us at a beer tasting at local brewery Knäppingen. This includes 5 different types of beer, information about the beer and the history of the brewery.

Back on campus!

We are happy to be on campus again! This autumn, we hope to be able to return to physical events and travels.

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Greetings from Navitas 20/21 Committees

Business Committee

Another year has come and gone. We have planned and executed a bunch of fun events. For example lunch lectures with different interesting topics such as wind power, smart energy solutions and circular economy, with interesting speakers like Lars Green, Epishine, Tekniska Verken and Ebbepark. We've had an amazing year and we would especially like to thank all the amazing companies and organisations that we've worked together with this year. And a huge thank you to all the amazing members of Navitas who have attended and participated in our events. We can't wait to see what the next business committee will do during their operational year!

Event Committee

The Event Committee would like to say thank to all members that came and participated in our events. During this year we have managed to carry out a successful cycling party, a quiz at Kårhuset Kollektivet and had a much appreciated swapping day. When the restrictions became stricter, we organized a digital lecture and an inspiration event on how to get involved in influencing our society to adjust and adapt to the climate changes.

LiU Student Secondhand

We want to give a big thanks to everyone who has visited the shop and created a longer life for students furniture together with us this year. We hope to see you around and you are always welcome to the shop if you want to buy or sell something. / Love from LSSh 20/21

The Board

After a year of pandemic adaption we are immensely proud and thankful for all active members engagement and drive! Thank you!

Network Committee

Hello! We want to thank all of you members who participated in Global Weeks and the Environmental Award ceremony. We hope that your digital year have been just as good as ours! Stay safe💚

Marketing Committee

We fix and create what you can see of Navitas. During the year we have done an amazing Christmas calendar, painted marketing sheets, controlled the instagram and lots of other fun stuff. We are thankful for the great friends we have come to get to know during this operational year and all the fun we have had time to do! To finish of this amazing year we are recruiting members for the committees for 21/22 and with that we want say thank you for this year. Apply for MafU - you won't regret it! / MafU 20/21

Travelling Committee

We would like to thank you all for this unusual year. At this time of year we had planned to be with you on our trip to Prague, but instead we have been traveling around the world in other ways. By cooking different meals from around the world we visited Turkey, Thailand, New Zeeland and ended our tour in Japan with a cozy cookalong together. We hope that it's been a start on your continued journey through food, to places far far away!

We also made some videos on Instagram for inspiration on places you can visit nearby Linköping. Hope you found some new places to see! Before we say goodbye and leave place for next years committee here is one last tip! Check out

HITTAUT and explore new places in your hometown or here in Linköping. For all you of you that likes a competition, the best thing is that you can win great prizes!

Stay sustainable,
Navitas studentförening

Navitas student association

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