Apply for committees 24/25

Are you interested in sustainability, want to learn more and want to spread it to people around you? Do you also want to have fun and take part in a warm community? Then Navitas is the perfect association for you!

Navitas strives to create a social platform for those interested in environmental, social and economical sustainability. In the association, the members will have the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and get a sustainable mindset through our various committees that span over personal life, society and working life!

Among other things, we award environmental prizes to sustainable companies, host the Global Week initiative, run the LiU Second hand Store and arrange sustainable travel in Sweden and Europe. Internally, of course, there are parties, game nights and lots of good times! Do not miss the chance to be involved and shape this year with Navitas!

How does the recruitment work?

The recruitment period is open between 8/4 - 28/4. In the application, you can rank the committees you are most interested in and you will then be contacted for a short interview.

All 6 committees are open for application:
- Marketing Committee
- Event Committee
- Network Committee
- LiU Student Second Hand (LSSh)
- Business Committee
- Travel Committee

Apply to the Navitas Board 24/25

The application for Navitas Board 24/25 is open until 7/4-2024. Take the opportunity of a fulfulling year, where you will make new friends, develop your leadership skills and get in contact with inspiring sustainable companies and organizations.

Committee applications

We apply for committee members for Navitas 24/25 in april and september!

LiU Student Secondhand are continuously applying for shop workers during the year. If you are interested, send an email to

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